While you manage your boiler's Fireside, we would like to partner up with you and service your Waterside.

Introducing WAM's newest offering of an All Organic


Steam Boiler / Condensate Treatment

We all remember using or trying the traditional ALL-IN-ONE BOILER TREATMENT and found out it was almost impossible to control all the parameters i.e. Sulfite (O2), Inhibitor (undesirable scale deposits), Boiler pH (OH) – and let’s not forget the returning condensate with Neutralizing Amine for pH. - adjust one and the others end up out of normal parameters.  Sounded great but quickly became “Persona Non Grata” - at least in this engineer’s opinion.

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Give us a chance to help you reduce your water use and provide simplified testing & control. It’s an all-organic steam treatment good for the environment and Facilities requiring organic steam production.  ODYVAP VA 30 follows NSF guidelines and is FDA approved.