Image result for Free stop sign imagesBefore you begin to understand WCTI (Sio2Tech) technology – forget everything you learned about Traditional Chemical Indices.  Sio2Tech does not follow any traditional Chemical Treatment indices or that of precipitation programs such as Magnets, Magnetic Pulsed Powered or Pressure Bombardment of ions etc.

It is a major paradigm shift using Mother Nature's own rules by simply helping Her remove the key troublesome ion which is needed in all other treatment methodologies.  When you feel the need to discuss all the nuances of Sio2Tech Treatment for max water conservation in heat exchangers/cooling towers - contact us.

If you have any doubts, I would encourage you to focus and learn how high Silica levels play a major role in this program's results and water conservation.  There are papers, patents and other literature in FAQ.

Non Chemist perspective on how ions are reacting in the tower after concentrating up

Methodologies of Water Treatment

Softening process at a glance

The Evolution of Water Treatment - Maximum Water Conservation

Tolerances on Corrosion rates

Blistering on Tubes and avoiding them


If your systems looks like this FIX it.  One customer thought there were no consequences to this - time to educate




Species in Equilibrium with Amorphous Silica

A summary of the WCTI Process ...

....Cont A summary of the WCTI Process

Benefits and comparison

WAM Sio2Tech Video Introduction

Tower wash down on WCTI

Further Example of the Ease to maintain clean surfaces from drift on the splash guards


Taking the corporate line and making it understandable with some lighthearted Editing