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Water Treatment Basics

Waterside Asset Management (WAM) is a water treatment company with over 35+ years of water treatment experience.  Waterside does not depend on marketing managers dictating what is best for our customers - we simply listen well....

WAM is fortunate enough to also offer up a zero-tower bleed program with total plant discharge <2%


Keep both eyes on waste!

Water Conservation


A good fact to remember:

Just 1gpm of cumulative waste 24/7 = 525,600 gal/yr. down the drain ~ $3K - $8K savings.  If found and fixed .... easy money!!

Well, that was basic math for a 1gpm leak. It would benefit any facility to take and audit of their plant & see your gpm loses to drain?


Filtration Conservation/ Recovery

We have developed a means to recover 100% of your filtered cooling tower water using simple common sense.  If on an indexed treatment program - you still reduce the need for tower bleed to control you program limitations, but now you can control that to a minimum due to the lower TSS interference on your chemistry and biological control.

Clarified water

A Logical approach to saving water

Every process has a need and we enjoy filling that need to once again be a part of your profit picture rather than simply being the cost of doing business