Our Focus - Your Waterside

WAM continues Traditional water treatment.

WAM has not strayed away from traditional chemical treatment,  if it will better fit their goals, then we have that available for our customers.

  • Steam Boilers
  • Hot Water Boilers
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • HVAC
  • Plate and Frame
  • AHU {Media}
  • Water Clarification
  • Specialty Waste Treatment
Keep both eyes on waste!

Focusing on Water Conservation

We are seeing many towers being replaced with designs that address more water conservation operations.  A number of tower manufactures are making adjustments/design changes to meet the unique nature or zero bleed high pH - TDS programs.

Reysma Towers
New Technology involving molded towers with *no seams.  All 100% non-ferrous. *just the upper and lower sections

Self Cleaning Filtration

How many times have you scheduled a PM to go out and change out all your filter media due to high pressure differentials across your unit?  No doubt that what you have may be effectively filtering your water, however, letting the filter do that for you with much better continuous cleaning and filtering.  We view this as best practices.  Ask us about our tower basin filtration operation for CA towers

Click here on more information on Self Cleaning Filtration
Never let a great opportunity to go to waste..

WCTI makes all water sources possible

  • Reduce Tower Water discharge from 15%-40% to <2%
  • Address Water Scarcity Risks
  • Recover and Reuse Wastewater
  • Reduce Water-Carbon Footprint
  • Achieve Zero Discharge Economy
  • Insure Mission Critical Reliability
  • Employ Sustainable "Green Resource"

                 WAM DAF        

Designed to reduce BOD/COD resulting in a reduction of turnovers/washdowns and water loss and allows for a reduction needed for biocidal agents on packing lines year-round.  This unit is remotely monitored and alarmed to all parties that are responsible

WAM Patent Pending DAF

Next Steps...

Please contact us for training and more information regarding Mother Nature's program.

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