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Water Treatement Basics

Waterside Asset Management (WAM) is a water treatment company with over 32+ years of water treatment experience.  Waterside does not depend on marketing managers dictating what is best for our customers – we simply listen well! Keep both eyes on waste!

Water Conservation

We are seeing many towers being replaced with designs that address more water conservation operations.  A number of tower manufactures are making adjustments/design changes to meet the unique nature or zero bleed high pH – TDS programs 20180419_134512

Self Cleaning Filtration

Farmers, turf growers and golf courses are focused on their core competencies, and we are there to make them more profitable by providing well known filtration equipment and irrigation performance enhancements.
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sio2tech2 WCTI Grey Water Use

WCTI makes all water sources possible

  • Reduce Tower Water discharge from 15%-40% to <2%
  • Address Water Scarcity Risks
  • Recover and Reuse Wastewater
  • Reduce Water-Carbon Footprint
  • Achieve Zero Discharge Economy
  • Insure Mission Critical Reliability
  • Employ Sustainable “Green Resource”

WCTI and their High Efficiency Softeners “HES” from 10-800gpm

We have the tools to gauranttee <0.5ppm of tower supply while working with >300ppm amorphous Silica (NaSiO2) and run as much a 2000 ppm of SiO2 as mother natures tool for corrosion, scale and bio-growth.  Contact for more information HESMP-RPA 500 (002)

Next Steps…

Please contact us for training and more information regarding Mother Nature’s program. For further information, link to the WCTI main web-site Also visit WAM’s Blog